Safe and Secure Data Management

Business operations are dependent on a safe and secure data management. Data management is essential to the success of any business.

To ensure that your data is managed safely and securely, you must first identify the information you collect about your customers, employees, and other sources. This is important, because you can then update data storage and security policy to account for each type of information.

Next, you need to identify and classify sensitive information in a manner that makes it difficult for others to access, manipulate, or delete. This is done by using a data-discovery engine, which scans your file system to report on the types and amounts of data.

After you have defined what type of data you have you can create a policy to control access so that only those who are required to see it have access. This can help limit the amount of damage that a hacker could cause, particularly if he uses an employee’s username and password to gain entry to your information.

Finally, you should be sure to back up copies of your data in multiple locations so that you can easily restore it if needed This protects your data from a wide range of threats such as hardware failure, electrical spikes and theft.

In order to make your data safe, you should follow the following steps: * Perform Data Mapping to determine the types of data you have in your database and determine which ones are the most critical for the business* 1. Back up as much data as possible. Store it in secure locations2. Delete or destroy data that is no longer in use, or that you no longer need to retain.

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